Loudspeaker (speechneverdies.org) is a nonprofit site that provides content about social issues around the world. Created in 2010, Loudspeaker has steadily provided viewers with articles, podcasts, and videos that illuminate the social condition through the voice of the people. I co-founded this organization and have helped continue its legacy by overseeing the content posted on Loudspeaker’s website. Throughout the years, I have played many roles in creating this fantastic organization, including executive director, writer, videographer, photographer, podcast host, and graphic and web designer.

With Loudspeaker, I have tried to create a brand that ignites a passion within people to “live life loud.” The image of the bullhorn and the use of the color red create a design foundation for the organization. Additionally, Loudspeaker aims to have a modern look. Each album cover, article, or even video pop with an appeal. The crisp colors flow throughout the website to entice viewers to learn about what’s happening in their world.