My Cuts Travel

My Cuts Travel (MCT) is more than a neighborhood barbershop; it’s a premium grooming experience. Led by master barber Tah’ki Bannister, MCT is dedicated to providing Kansas City professionals with convenient, personalized hair care. MCT is quickly becoming one of KC’s hottest spots for a man’s grooming needs. The brand needed to “level up as the business continued to grow.” Tah’ki hired me to refresh the brand and create a solid design foundation for the future of MCT. Tah’ki and I sat down to update his brand in three phases. First, I analyzed the current logo signature and pinpointed areas for improvement. I researched new typography, updated the logo, and presented Tah’ki with two new font sets. Then, I dissected his original website, wireframed new website solutions, and designed a brand new site in two weeks.

We are still in the second phase of MCT’s brand update. The next stage is creating marketing guidelines and emails to expand MCT’s audience. Our goal is to create a better system for MCT to interact with customers and meet their needs. The final phase is to create a yearly marketing plan. While we want to ensure MCT’s content is fresh and trend-worthy, we also want to ensure there are some traditional touchpoints for Tah’ki to interact with consumers. For example, seasonal fashion shows are the perfect time to present lookbooks highlighting new hairstyles.