Sokoloff Harness Communication LLC

Jan Sokoloff Harness is the award-winning creative force behind Sokoloff Harness Communications LLC. Launched in 2002, Sokoloff Harness Communications LLC creates text for various projects, from annual reports to PSAs, calendars to brochures, and ad campaigns to bookmarks. Sokoloff Harness Communications LLC also provides unflinching strategic counsel and a creative boost to a team.

With all that awesomeness, Sokoloff Harness Communications LLC needed a new logo to ring in a new creative era. I created a logo that balances the unconventional and the professional. I wanted viewers to feel like the sun was shining on them when they looked at the new logo. We continued that feeling throughout the letterhead and business card.

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“Go out into the world today and love the people you meet. Let your presence light new light in the hearts of people.” – Mother Teresa

My inspiration came from two things Jan Sokoloff Harness mentioned when we talked over the phone. In that conversation, she spoke about how much her job involves copywriting. To her clients and friends, she is known for her writing skills. Additionally, she wants to be the consultant that, after she works with you, she’ll take you home and fix a warm meal. Jan wanted her friendly personality to shine through the logo.

After hearing about those two aspects of her personality, I began thinking about how I could merge those two ideas. Suddenly, I thought back to days of copywriting with a typewriter. Vintage typewriters have such style and personality. I love looking at the curve created by the type of hammers. I also realize that the arc also looks like sun rays. So, I began designing a logo based on that curve and lines.