The Social Moves and Soapbox Series Kick-off

The Social Moves and Soapbox Series Kick-Off (SOMOSOBO) was a spectacular event hosted by Illinois State University in 2013. The event brought ISU students and Bloomington-Normal citizens together to talk about social issues that affect their community. To help promote the event to students, I created items that were functional, as well as appealing. The four base colors of SOMOSOBO (blue, gold, green, and red) represent the four aspects of the event. Furthermore, the colors gave opportunities to present ads in a variety of flavors. ne of the most advanced creations throughout this process was my development of the SOMOSOBO ticket. Being that this was the first time the event was going to be featured at Illinois State, I needed to come up with a way to provide a lot of information, but be small enough to put in a person’s pocket. So, I came up with an interactive ticket. A person could scan the QR code on the ticket, which would link them to a video that explained all about the event. Then, they could take the ticket to SOMOSOBO for admission.  Nevertheless, this branding perfectly balances between the world of print and the virtual world.