Unbound Brand Refresh

In 2013, CFCA (Christian Fellowship for Children and Aging) rebranded to Unbound. Meers, a Kansas City design firm, led the charge in creating the nonprofit’s new visual aesthetics, from a unique marquee identifier to new photo filters and everything else. However, after five years of utilizing Unbound’s brand requirements, the in-house team realized some concerns about the visual rules. So, in 2018, we worked on refreshing Unbound’s look to better match the organization’s voice and future direction. The following items are mockups and strategies I proposed, in addition to the final decisions made by the overall team.

Collaborators: Wayne Wilkes (Web Director), April Befort-Neumann (Graphic Design Director), Michele Batliner (Media Director), Sarah Burns (Graphic Designer), Anne Peetz (Graphic Designer), and Danika Dickerson (Media Creative)

My Proposed Color Update

Original Logo

My Updated Logo Proposal

Final Logo

Final Color Update vs Original Colors

Original Photo Filter

My Photo Filter Update Proposal (a Kodak-Inspired Family Filter)

Unbound’s New Filter (the Kodak-Inspired Family Filter)

I designed this artwork to show how we could push the brand experience.