Effective Business Communication

Students will learn the importance of strategic business communication. By the end of the course, students should be able to analyze business situations, prepare messages that fulfill the intended purposed of their communication, and meet the needs and expectations of business audiences. Students will develop the tools to deliver effective, professional written and oral communications and will learn how to use library and electronic business research tools.

MGT Workbook

The MGT Workbook contains your syllabus, instructions for assignments, and most information you need to past this class. Workbook Last Updated: 01/19/18

Blame Game Extra Credit Assignment

Use this ‘study guide’ to help you complete the 15 minute quiz that can be found on Blackboard.

Final Exam Study Guide

Use this ‘study guide’ to help you prepare for the final exam that can be found on Blackboard.

Class Schedule

This calendar provides descriptions for what’s happening, when items will be available to you, and when assignments are due. Please look at the schedule and manage your time wisely. You can also download events and add them to your schedule. Note: At any point throughout the semester, I the right to change the schedule. 

Additional Materials

Great leadership is a key to any great business. Simon Sinek shows you how the great business lead the pack with asking why.

Dirty Money is an amazing Netflix series that shows you how unethical and/or controversial business tactics go wrong.

Elevator Pitch Tips

Aaron Pugh is the first-place winner of the 2013-14 University of Dayton Business Plan Competition Elevator Pitch.

Jessica Kerr is the first-place winner of the 2014-15 University of Dayton Business Plan Competition Elevator Pitch.

How to Create an Elevator Pitch

3 Ways to Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

Presentation Tips

Steve Jobs 2007 presentation of the iPhone is considered as one of the best product announcements ever. Watch how he uses minimalistic visuals to tell a compelling narrative (problem, cause, solution).

5 ways to listen better by Julian Treasure. View how he takes the concept of sound/volume and mobilizes its properties to make a compelling speech.

Design For Everyone by Apple. Also, view the PDF below to get an idea of how to best structure the visuals for your presentation.

Design for Everyone Example

Select the button below to view of Apple laid out the presentation for Design For Everyone.

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