Welcome to the Magical World of Motion Picture.

Video suspends reality and creates a sense of wonderment about the world we live in. Throughout the years, I have utilized the magic of motion picture to tell stories on a variety of subjects. Here are just a few of those majestic stories.


2022 KC Chamber Annual Dinner – Streetcar

The KC Chamber’s 135th Annual Dinner was yesterday, and over 1400 Kansas City’s business leaders and public officials attended. I am so lucky to design 95% of the event. While I made all the signage, programs, slides, etc., this year, I got to do something extraordinary… I designed a streetcar that appeared on stages for presenters to walk through. Here’s me getting my chance to step out of my streetcar (after the event).

Running time – 56 seconds

2022 KC Chamber Annual Dinner – Intro Video

I also was asked to do the Intro Video for the event. I directed, shot, sound mixed, and edited this video, which I’m incredibly proud to share now. The theme was #CONNECTED2KC. How many thematic connections to Kansas City do you see in the video?

Running time – 1 minute 30 seconds

My Cuts Travel

My Cuts Travel visits Dr. Stevens

Sometimes we leave the MCT Studio and meet our clients where they are. This time we met up with Dr. Bradley Stevens, a neurosurgeon, at his house featured right next to the 6th Hole at The National Golf Club of Kansas City. Whether he’s talking to patients or performing surgery, My Cuts Travel makes sure he’s looking great in every setting.

Running time – 56 seconds

The Roundabout

The Roundabout

The moment when a year of working from home goes sideways.

Running time – 1 minute 5 seconds

Pick Progress

Lift Off

On July 7, 2020, Pick Progress launched a crowd-funding campaign for Pick Progress to be able to produce the unique afro-picks for consumers. The initial campaign commercial, ‘Lift Off,’ incorporates nostalgia with a yearning to make space for progress. In the first week of the launch, Pick Progress was identified as a Kickstarter “project we love” and has been a featured “Design & Tech” project on the platform.

Running time – 30 seconds

Move Forward

Pick Progress features more than 50 individuals. The interviews featured on Pick Progress include educators, health care workers, activists, artists and many more. These stories highlight the individuality of each person as well as the common experiences that Black Americans face. The goal is the move the conversation forward and that was my intent to highlight with this commercial.

Running time – 45 seconds


“It’s really important to hear the stories, to hear the cries, to hear the storytelling, to hear the songs of people,” says Angelique Fletcher, featured in the Pick Progress project, “The only way you can really avoid bias is getting the opportunity to hear someone’s song and story.” It’s all about perspective and this commercial pushes that mantra.

Running time – 45 seconds

Virtual Relay

Virtual Relay

My siblings and I have always wanted to do a relay race together. We often text each other strategizing what relay legs we would be. Unfortunately, we’ve never been able to team up until now. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I storyboarded and edited this short piece. This was shot in three different locations: Manhattan (Kan.), Wichita (Kan.) and Kansas City (MO). The greatest feat of this video is how seamless and fun this video came together with most of us on interacting via mobile communications.

Running time – 2 minutes

El Salvador

El Salvador

In 2017, I was fortunate to go on a trip to El Salvador with Unbound, a non-profit that finds revolutionary ways to support and empower people in poverty. For one week, we got to experience first-hand how financial backing and opportunities impact communities. This video takes viewers on a short ride through the beautiful land and people of El Salvador. 

Running time – 2 minute 25 seconds

Time Flies

Time Flies

In 2019, I was inspired to retrieve moments from old VHS Tapes. From my first birthday to one of my first basketball games, I realized how much I’ve already done in my young life. As my next birthday came, I decided to create a video that highlights how life can past you by if you don’t respect the time you have on this Earth.

Running time – 1 minute 31 seconds


All the Episodes

Loudspeaker features a wide variety of podcast episodes and we wanted to visually show each episodes dynamic content via the album cover. 

Running time – 20 seconds

My Town

The voice is a core element of Loudspeaker. One of the ways we wanted our brand to stand out was by visually emphasizing how distinct a voice can be. This commercial, featuring a poetry performance from Taylor Sloey, shows the power of a voice. 

Running time – 31 seconds

Loudspeaker Kickstarter

In 2015, I started my first crowd-funding campaign for Loudspeaker. Our goal was to raise $500 to pay for the utility of the podcast and website. I created this campaign video for the Kickstarter. 

Running time – 3 minute 18 seconds

The Inn was the Beginning

In 2013, Nick Herink performed a POI (Program of Oral Interpretation) for Loudspeaker about the Stonewall Riots. Herink’s performance was a great example of how forensics is more than just an auditory activity, it also have compelling movements, emotion and, most importantly, heart. 

Running time – 11 minute 15 seconds

The only home...

The only place we’ve ever known

‘The only home we’ve ever known’ is a time capsule for two of my good friends, Anne and Brent. Instead of creating their own vows, the couple recited an excerpt from Carl Sagan’s 1994 ‘Pale Blue Dot.’ I was compelled to create this video after I heard their vows and captured their first kiss as partners. Cheers to them!

Running time – 2 minute 31 seconds